Schiffmann FamilyFounded in 1971 by career salesman Bob Schiffmann and his wife Catherine, a school nurse, Mats Inc. humbly began as a small company selling entrance mats to local businesses.  The couple ran the business out of their home in Braintree, MA while raising their four children, John, Anne, Richard, and Paul.  In the beginning, Bob sold mats out of the trunk of the family car, while his wife handled the record keeping in the evenings.  Over the next 12 years, the couple’s teamwork combined with Bob’s business savvy and natural ability to develop lasting relationships provided a strong groundwork upon which the company’s success would be built. 

Early Mats Inc.Throughout the 1980’s, each of the Schiffmann children earned extra money during college breaks by selling mats for the family business. Upon his graduation from Holy Cross College in 1982, the eldest son John joined his father full-time.  John’s fresh perspective on the business led to new sales territories, expanded product development efforts, and alternative sourcing methods.  To support the company’s growth, Bob and John hired administrative support and began leasing office and warehouse space.  John’s younger brothers both joined the company immediately upon graduating from college; Richard in 1985 and Paul in 1989, and their sister Anne helped to guide the growing company as a member of the Board of Advisors during the late ‘80’s. 

The company began to introduce sports flooring and contract flooring products in the early 1990’s.  During the mid-1990’s, Mats Inc. faced the challenges of an unfavorable economy and a difficult construction market and decided to look outside the family for leadership.  They hired a General Manager to oversee company operations and keep them on course for the future.  Through the team’s collaborative efforts, Mats Inc. endured the adverse market conditions and continued to evolve.

Barry HumeIn 1996, in preparation for Bob’s retirement, the Schiffmanns hired Barry Hume as company President to strategically manage the organization’s increasing momentum.  Under Hume’s leadership, Mats Inc. refined its market strategy, built brand distinction, acquired a new 124,000 square foot warehouse and significantly strengthened its presence in key North American markets.  With the company poised to emerge an industry leader, Bob Schiffmann retired in 1998, and his sons, along with Hume, took over as owners. 

Scott RobichaudAfter a successful 14-year tenure, Hume stepped down from his position and a new leader from within the organization was appointed company President – Scott Robichaud.  Formerly the company’s Vice President of Sales, Robichaud was selected to lead Mats Inc.

Today, Mats Inc. proudly serves thousands of clients  and employs more than 90 full time employees in two facilities – the corporate headquarters in Stoughton, MA and the distribution warehouse in Calhoun, GA, and sales offices nationwide.  While successfully delivering thousands of functional, aesthetic, and sustainable product innovations to meet the needs of virtually any commercial application has earned Mats Inc. a reputation for knowledge, integrity, and world class customer service, the Schiffmanns credit “great people and great products” for the company’s success. 

Mats Inc. is proud of the successful legacy that the Schiffmann family has created and will continue to evolve, innovate, and improve by investing in relationships and developing innovative products.