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Mon 13Feb 2012

First-Ever Installation Course for Floorazzo™Posted by: Mats Inc.

On October 12, 2011, Mats Inc. Representatives Rich Ruhlin, Kristy Riviera and Neal Scott partnered with INSTALL Chicago to offer the first Floorazzo certification course in the country.  The course consisted of a classroom portion to discuss steps for proper installation and hands-on exercises, including monolithic and visible seam installations and proper techniques to apply... Read More

Categories: Dealer News, Healthcare Flooring, Courses

Mon 13Feb 2012

Restaurant: Impossible – Floorworks® at Chatterbox CaféPosted by: Mats Inc.

Tune in for the Restaurant Impossible Chatterbox episode where Chef Robert Irvine and his design team include Mats Inc. Floorworks® Linen Umber in their restaurant makeover.  The owner of the Chatterbox Café in Windham, NH was a former stay-at-home mom who used her late husband’s life insurance policy to open up the restaurant, hoping to... Read More

Categories: Architect & Designer News, Hospitality Flooring

Mon 13Feb 2012

Green Living Tips: Gas MileagePosted by: Mats Inc.

With gas prices on the rise again, it’s important to get the most out of your car’s gas mileage.  Here are some simple tips to get more bang for your buck! Avoid routes that have hills and constant stops. These can be killers for fuel efficiency. Get your oil changed regularly, change air filters and... Read More

Categories: Architect & Designer News, Sustainability

Mon 13Feb 2012

Pro Shield at Sam Houston State, TXPosted by: Mats Inc.

For the 17,000 active students at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, the Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum serves as the epicenter for campus activities.  With gleaming maple hardwood basketball courts and 6,110 seating capacity, the Coliseum hosts events from basketball tournaments to job fairs and commencement ceremonies. Serving as the University’s basketball arena first... Read More

Categories: Architect & Designer News, Case Studies, Dealer News, Education Flooring, Sports and Fitness Flooring

Mon 13Feb 2012

Introducing the New Color of HealthcarePosted by: Mats Inc.

Patients experience enhanced positive results in environments that incorporate natural light, natural elements, meaningful and varied stimuli, tranquil sounds, and pleasant views.  Color too will impact mood.  And nothing screams clinical like that common minty hue of “hospital green,” favored by healthcare facilities all over the globe. This color does provide a good contrast with... Read More

Categories: Architect & Designer News, Healthcare Flooring

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