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Panorama Living Color Wins 2013 Platinum Award for Design Excellence (ADEX)Posted: Apr 2013 Posted by: Mats Inc.


We were so thrilled to receive the call that we would be recognized with the 2013 ADEX Platinum Award by Design Journal Magazine.  With approximately 2,000 nominations from nearly 500 companies seeking the ADEX honor, the award is truly a tribute to all of the interior designers and flooring engineers that helped us develop Panorama Living Color.

In our quest to develop a new resilient rubber flooring collection, we kicked off The Ultimate Mixologist Contest in early summer 2011. The A&D community was invited to mix up combinations of colored granules using Mats Inc.’s Mixology® web app for the opportunity to win one of the three prizes including an iPad, a Nikon camera or a $500 AMEX gift card.

It was great fun for us to watch the entries arrive and we found it interesting how many color names had to do with the ocean, the beach or something tropical.  After six weeks and hundreds of colors, the Mats Inc. panel of judges selected the 10 finalists, which were then posted on Facebook for the community to select the Ultimate Mixologist and the two runners up.

We knew those Mixologists were onto something with the whole vacation-beach thing they had going, so we connected with some famous interior design friends (really, like HGTV famous, but no name dropping here) to help us expand the concept.  Over the months that followed, we developed themes, formed color palettes and mixed up millions of rubber granules.  It took us about a year to create the colors and select the final 43.  One of the many things we learned along the way is that those famous TV designer people don’t get paid the big bucks for nothing.

Once the artistic work was done, it was a sprint to the finish line so that we could introduce the line to our sales team at the summer sales meeting.   We got really busy designing binders, producing tiles, creating sales tools, scheduling photography, preparing documents, printing brochures and I’m sure there were a whole bunch of other things that I just can’t remember now.

After nearly a year and a half, our now award-winning, resilient rubber flooring collection was launched.

Thank you to all of the Ultimate Mixologist participants and famous interior design friends for helping us create Panorama Living Color.

Panorama Living Color is available in six color palettes that were developed with an unusual approach to floor color design and inspiration from nature, including Fresh Fig, Spring Meadow, Great Horned Owl, Sandy Beach, Winter Forest and Monument Valley. A total of 43 colors and the custom color design program, Mixology®, ensure there is ample opportunity for a variety of interiors.  The rubber flooring collection was created to meet the color and style demands of interior design and the durability requirements of retail stores, cafes, student centers and recreation rooms, fitness rooms, libraries, museums banks, pharmacies, call centers, corporate offices, mailrooms and more.

“Carpet is a traditional solution to style and comfort in commercial environments,” said JoAnn Durette, Vice President of Marketing at Mats Inc., “Panorama Living Color provides interior designers with an alternative to carpet and the additional benefits of wear performance, non-allergenic properties, sound insulation and the easy to clean attributes of resilient flooring.”

Panorama Living Color commercial flooring tiles are non-vulcanized and non-laminated homogeneous color, made with 100% post-consumer recycled rubber and EPDM rubber granules that are bound using a proprietary curing process that provides superior elasticity and long-term durability for the greatest quality and uniformity control.  The rubber tiles are produced in a block form and then sliced with precision using computerized numerically controlled water-based equipment The rubber flooring is easy to maintain with little to no detergent, vacuuming and damp mopping.  Panorama rubber tiles can easily be installed with the interlocking-edge construction without adhesive or with straight edge tiles in glue-down applications. Panorama Living Color tiles are FloorScore® certified and come with a 10-year commercial warranty.

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Download the Panorama Living Color Brochure


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