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Sound Research: PURline Botanol Flooring in EducationPosted: Sep 2014 Posted by: Mats Inc.

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Boston University’s College of Health and Rehabilitation Studies, more commonly known as Sargent College, was state-of-the-art when it opened its doors at 635 Commonwealth Avenue in 1990. Serving as home to the latest technology and teaching methods, the six story building was equipped with outpatient health care clinics, research and practice laboratories, a media center, computer lab, classrooms, student lounges, and offices for faculty and staff.

During nearly two and half decades since opening, Sargent College has been a leader in research and methodology, undergoing numerous renovations to the facilities as funding became available. Well after many of the other areas of the building had been updated, the Psychoacoustics Laboratory was to undergo renovations. In 2014 the unit received grant funding to complete developments and much needed technological upgrades for their research project on the perception and processing of complex sounds in multiple-sound environments.


Interior designer Kristine Stoller, of KSID, LLC in Sharon, Massachusetts, was brought in to create a more contemporary and functional laboratory space with a focus on meeting strict acoustical requirements. Additionally challenged to work inside the constraints of the existing floor plan, and within existing walls and room sizes, Stoller created a design to open up the space with color using muted blues, greens and grays. She selected Debolon Compact flooring in Steel Gray for its dependability, durability and to achieve the aesthetic for a comfortable, innovative environment. To meet the acoustical criteria, Debolon was to be installed with Underlayment to minimize noise transfer and increase sound absorption.

Stoller visited the construction site two weeks prior to its scheduled completion date. She contacted Mats Inc. and learned that an order had not been received for the project and the flooring was going to be delayed not allowing the project to be completed within the time frame stated to the owner.

With only two weeks left in the construction schedule to complete the project, the Mats Inc. representative proposed PURline botanol flooring in Silver in place of the Debolon flooring, which could not be acquired in the abbreviated timeframe. Stoller thoroughly evaluated the proposed product and found that PURline contrasted perfectly with the color scheme and provided the durability, easy maintenance and sound absorption properties that the Psychoacoustics Laboratory required. PURline Silver was in stock and ready to ship to meet the critical installation deadline.

“The PURline product was a perfect fit for the Boston University Psychoacoustics Laboratory. The researchers in this lab rely on a certain level of noise reduction to perform their experiments but simultaneously requested that a resilient floor be installed for ease of maintenance,” she stated. “The PURline product responded to both of these requirements while also providing an aesthetically pleasing and professional look to the space.”

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