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Entrance & Contract Flooring at RI ParishPosted: Oct 2010 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Rhode Island Parish

In February of 2010, a Christian church in a Rhode Island historical beach neighborhood opened the doors to its new parish hall. The church’s pastor had envisioned a multipurpose space where the community could gather for religious education, meetings, training sessions, and church-related social events. With a limited budget and a very small support staff, he decided to design the space himself and create a bright, contemporary aesthetic for the new parish hall.

A key element to the new construction was an effective entrance system. New England is widely recognized for its long, harsh winters, and without preventative actions, interior flooring suffers excessive wear and tear during winter months due to incoming dirt, slush, and salt. The pastor understood the importance of taking proactive measures toward protecting his investment and decided to install Dual Track foot grilles by Mats Inc. at each of the building’s entrances.

He chose Dual Track for its dual blade design, which scrapes off debris and absorbs moisture from underfoot, keeping the interior safe and clean, minimizing the risk of slips and falls, and lengthening the life of the interior floors.

Its exclusive bolted cross support system provides optimal performance and is ideally suited for heavy traffic applications, accommodating wheel chairs, foot traffic, and wheel truck deliveries. Aesthetically, Dual Track had the classic look that the pastor was looking for, and created the appearance of a traditional entrance.

Given the church’s small maintenance staff, the pastor knew he’d need an economical flooring solution that would be easy to install and keep clean. It would need to be long lasting and durable enough to withstand large amounts of foot traffic from the church’s high volume of members and visitors. Traditional hardwood flooring was considered for its natural beauty and classic look, but maintenance was a concern. He thought that hardwood was beautiful, but not durable enough to stand up to a high traffic, multipurpose application. Excessive scratching and damage from scuffing shoes and moving tables and chairs would result in the need for costly repairs and frequent refinishing. The pastor was challenged to find a floor covering that combined the natural warmth and aesthetic of hardwood flooring with the resilience and easy maintenance of a commercial contract product. He found his solution with the Floorworks® Collection by Mats Inc.

Rhode Island Parish

With the Floorworks® Collection, the pastor did not have to sacrifice beauty for durability. Floorworks® offered a countless collection of colors and designs in both planks and tiles, making it simple for the pastor to find the perfect tones and textures to blend with the rest of the interior finishes. He chose to combine Floorworks® planks in Natural Walnut and Natural Beech with Floorworks® tiles in Cherokee Slate to create a unique, eye catching design in the main area of the parish hall. In the foyer area around the Dual Track foot grilles, he decided on Floorworks® tiles in Cherokee Slate. The result was a warm, inviting, and truly custom look that perfectly matches the fresh look of the interior of the rest of the building.

Maintaining the flooring has been simple and inexpensive, thanks to the durability of Floorworks®. Additionally, it is stain resistant, and with the Dual Track foot grilles trapping dirt at the door, it is easy to clean, requiring only a daily sweep or vacuum and an occasional deep cleaning. The church is extremely satisfied with their new flooring and has received positive feedback from their members on the beautiful new parish hall. With his first large project a success, the pastor can now add ‘designer’ to his already long list of positions within the church. {Download Case Study}

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