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Supreme Nop at FirstEnergy Corp, OHPosted: Sep 2011 Posted by: Mats Inc.


FirstEnergy Corporation spared no expense when it set out to build its new, 208,000 square foot campus in West Akron, Ohio.  Designed by Cleveland-based Vocon, this state-of-the-art building was constructed to provide employees with “the best in technology, energy efficiency and innovative design,” stated Anthony Alexander, President and Chief Executive Officer of First Energy Corporation.  Featuring amenities such as open layouts, 100% wireless technology throughout, and multifunctional spaces with movable walls, this new facility combines cutting-edge design with functionality.

FirstEnergy chose to implement a green building strategy to achieve LEED Gold Certification, which included a poured concrete parking lot instead of tar to reduce the Heat Island Effect and a beautifully finished and polished concrete lobby flooring to minimize the amount of materials needed. 

As winter brought with it snow and in turn wet feet, FirstEnergy Corp’s employees were slipping on the concrete lobby floor.  Per maintenance instructions, calcium chloride was used to de-ice the concrete parking lot and with its oily properties, increased slipping inside the building.  FirstEnergy turned to their local flooring dealer to find a solution that would prevent slipping, wipe away the slick calcium chloride and fit it with the aesthetics of the interior design.

To create a custom matting solution using the most durable and effective matting in the industry, the flooring dealer contacted Mats Inc.  Custom Supreme Nop mats were designed to complement the building’s aesthetics for the entrances and main traffic paths.  The unique fibers and large nop design of Supreme Nop matting resolved the slipping problem while additionally reducing the amount of maintenance needed on the polished concrete floor and throughout the building’s interior.

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