Corporate Flooring Solution for Collaborative Workspace

Comfortable, Contemporary & Collaborative Office SpacePosted: Jun 2014 Posted by: Mats Inc.


Energy Services Group in Norwell, Massachusetts launched the plan to move from their headquarters in Rockland, MA to the Norwell location in January 2014. Enlisting the help of the architects and designers at Helicon Design Group, Inc. based in Boston, Massachusetts, they began converting the uninhabited 28,645 square feet of building space into a collaborative office environment.

Eric Gould, Architect and Owner of Helicon Design Group, Inc., and Tim Chilson, Architect at Helicon Design Group, Inc., created a layout attune with current corporate design trends where spaces aren’t created by simply putting people next to each another, but are instead deliberate places built with the tools necessary for collaborative activities. The entire space was organized into team neighborhoods with a combination of collaborative and independent work areas.

Corporate Flooring

Colors, patterns and furnishings were selected to create a contemporary yet relaxed and comfortable design. In the entrance and lobby areas, the design team proposed Floorworks® Planks in River Birch. Having previously used Floorworks® in design projects, such as Crown Colony Pediatrics in Quincy, Massachusetts, they knew the planks would offer the extreme durability and the light, casual look they envisioned for the project.

“Mats Inc. has been a consistent performer on many of our commercial and general office projects,” stated Mr. Eric Gould. “All of our clients have been very happy with the product design.”

Contrasting perfectly with the rest of the design palette and providing a natural wood effect, the Floorworks® planks were installed over a concrete subfloor in the entryway and lobby at Energy Services Group. The planks helped to transform the vacant building space into a modern, business casual workplace.

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