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Home Plate Hits a Home Run with DebolonPosted: Jan 2017 Posted by: Mats Inc.


Home Plate Bar and Grill opened the doors to its newest location in Norton, Massachusetts in July of 2016. President and owner Robert Anderson, who has decades of experience in the restaurant industry, planned the opening of this second location after the success of the original Home Plate Bay Street Bar and Grill in Taunton, Massachusetts.

The building, located at 184 West Main Street in Norton Crossing, had previously been a restaurant space, but with outdated décor and cracked tile flooring, a complete renovation was required. Mr. Anderson’s vision for the remodel was a baseball theme, complete with a small scale version of Fenway Park’s Green Monster.

Mr. Anderson hired Monique Jankowski, Architectural Designer with Leslie Saul & Associates, to collaborate on creating the new space. A practical floor was a critical decision as it would need to be an anchor for the sports aesthetic as well as provide the necessary durability and underfoot comfort for the continuous foot traffic of servers and patrons.

The first thing Ms. Jankowski 1-photoconsidered was the performance attributes of the flooring. In addition to durability and comfort, she wanted a floor that would contribute to reducing noise levels during crowded meal times. Sound reduction properties would help create a more enjoyable experience for patrons and allow servers to more easily hear food and drink orders. In addition, the floor had to be easy to clean for the inevitable food and drink spills.

Ms. Jankowski had used Debolon vinyl flooring as an attractive, economical solution, with great success for several recent projects including Bridgewater State College, Framingham State College, and various office spaces, and she believed it would be a great fit for Home Plate as well. She recommended a contrasting multi-tonal stripwood color from the Debolon Renew 250 Silence Collection for the entire restaurant.

Both Mr. Anderson and Ms. Jankowski agreed that the Debolon stripwood was an excellent choice to contribute to the Red Sox sports décor, and were thrilled with all of the performance characteristics, especially the long lasting wear and easy maintenance requirements.

“The Debolon flooring installed at Home Plate is a perfect complement to the space and provides the owners with an easy to maintain floor” stated designer Monique Jankowski, who used 2,500 square feet in the design of the bar, dining areas and bathrooms.


A big consideration for both parties was the time line – with only a few weeks available for a full renovation, timing was an important factor in the installation process. Debolon was ordered and installed in just a few short weeks, saving installation time and costly labor. Ms. Jankowski and Mr. Anderson were both pleased and proud of the final result.

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