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Foot Grilles at Niketown, Newbury Street MAPosted: Jan 2009 Posted by: Mats Inc.

In the summer of 1997 Niketown opened its doors on Boston’s premiere shopping avenue, Newbury Street. Store management anticipated plenty of foot traffic; the location was ideal and the tourist season was in full swing. Interest in athletic footwear was high following the April Masters Tournament where Tiger Woods adorned his first green jacket and the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta where three Americans brought home a gold medal in track and field.

Management knew that a steady stream of visitors would track a steady supply of dirt and debris into the store and that come winter, snow and slush would be an issue. They needed an entrance system that would hold up against high traffic flow and would help to keep the store clean and safe from slips and falls.

Custom Foot Grille at Niketown

Custom Foot Grille at Niketown

The store planners also knew that the location’s entranceway could be a powerful brand statement and would set the tone for the entire shopping experience. Niketown wanted the store to have a unique look that tied into the chain’s theme. A standard door mat would not meet their needs.

Niketown turned to Mats Inc., who had been selling walk off matting since 1971 and had a solid track record working with leading retailers. In order to create the unique look Niketown wanted, Mats Inc. worked with the Nike design team for the specification and installed a custom foot grille in the store’s entryway. The grille, made from recycled aluminum, was cut in a circular shape that echoed the store’s interior design. Installers cut a circle in the middle of the foot grill so that Niketown could place a circular emblem emblazoned with the trademark Swoosh in the middle.

Mats Inc.’s custom foot grille has held up exceptionally well. The system provides excellent scraping performance for the multi directional foot traffic in and out of the store. And the virtually maintenance-free surface continues to look new.

Eight years after the installation, Matt LaPolice, Niketown Boston’s assistant manager says, “The grille is maintained well by our cleaning crew. We purchased the grille primarily for the look and we are realizing the low maintenance benefits as well.”

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