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Floorazzo™ Installation Training Adds to Expertise in Health Care MarketPosted: May 2012 Posted by: Mats Inc.


When introducing a new line of resilient flooring designed for use in hospitals, a Boston-based manufacturer called in some specialists.

Mats Inc. didn’t seek out doctors when it wanted to bring its Floorazzo™ resilient floor tile to the Chicago market. Instead, the company arranged with Local 1185 of the Chicago Regional Council to develop a training and certification process to ensure proper installation.

INSTALL Training

Product-specific training—including work on the myriad adhesives needed for different applications—makes UBC INSTALL floor coverers—the choice of manufacturers and end-users alike.

The local has more than 550 flooring installers certified through INSTALL, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters’ internationally recognized floor-covering training program. INSTALL also partners with more than 100 flooring mills and manufacturers, including Mats Inc., to make sure trained hands are available to install today’s exacting flooring products.

Such was the case with Floorazzo™, made from a resilient polyester resin and combinations of marble, glass, and stone. Mats Inc. says Floorazzo™ tile features the appearance and durability of terrazzo, but can be installed in less time. The company also says Floorazzo™ can be rapidly sterilized between surgeries, which is why it was selected for use in the operating rooms at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

“The product uses an epoxy filler at the seams and the wall to make it impervious to germs,” said Andy St. Paul, a business representative for Local 1185 who helped organize the initial Floorazzo™ training at the Chicago Regional Council’s Elk Grove Training Center.

“It needs to be ground down and polished,” St. Paul said. “That’s the main tricky part.”

INSTALL Training

Local 1185 sent these floor coverers and instructors to get manufacturer training from Mats Inc. for Florazzo, a new vinyl composition tile product being marketed to health care facilities.

In October, a group of INSTALL-certified contractors and 16 installers from Chicago and Milwaukee spent time in the training center’s classrooms and shop floor to learn about the product and proper installation techniques as they became certified in Floorazzo™ installation.

Several of the UBC members had already gone through the union’s Best Practices in Health Care Construction in Occupied Facilities program, which teaches how to reduce the risk of contamination while working in occupied health care facilities.

Mats Inc. selected the Chicago market for this targeted effort because of its hospital construction boom, fueled by projects put on hold during the recession. Several major hospitals, including the University of Chicago, Northwestern Memorial, and Advocate Christ Medical Center, are undergoing expansions.

“This is an example of the INSTALL’s value-added philosophy in action,” said John McGrath, director of the INSTALL program. “A manufacturer with an innovative new product can bring it to market secure in the knowledge that it will be installed correctly and customers will get their money’s worth. Contractors and their employees benefit because they have the skills needed to make sure the product performs as promised.”

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