Floorworks® dBR at Star Lanes Polaris, OH

Floorworks® dBR at Star Lanes Polaris, OHPosted: Aug 2013 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Floorworks dBR

Where do you go in Columbus, Ohio if you are looking for a fun night out with friends or coworkers? State-of –the-art bowling lanes, a full service bar, restaurant, arcade and much more make Star Lanes a top-spot for fun in the Columbus, Ohio area. When Star Lanes Polaris took over the empty Circuit City in Columbus, Ohio, plans and renovations soon began to transform the immense Big Box store into a modern, up-scale bowling alley offering more than the traditional bowling experience.



Floorworks dBR

In early 2013, the state-of-the-art lanes were installed, and in doing so, an 18” height difference was created between the concrete subfloor and the start of the lanes. Without designing a solution for this drop, this 18” ledge would pose a serious liability and tripping hazard for patrons. To mitigate this risk, Star Lanes’ interior design team, in conjunction with owners, contractors and their flooring dealer partner JP Flooring Systems Inc., chose to raise the floor to match the height of the lanes.

Floorworks dBRTo raise the height of the subfloor, they erected a hollow Masonite raised floor that would compensate for the height differential and then allow the installers from JP Flooring Systems to install the LVT flooring that had previously been chosen. However, due to the hollow nature of the new flooring structure, noise underfoot would now be another problem to resolve and the original LVT solution just wouldn’t do.

Josh Thompson of JP Flooring Systems recommended Floorworks® dBR from Mats Inc., which he had used in the past with great success. The 8,100 square foot Floorworks® dBR system allowed the designers to create a warm, modern atmosphere with Floorworks® planks while the dBR subsystem provided cushion underfoot and provided acoustical properties with an IIC Rating of 63.

“Floorworks® dBR helped us to install in an area where we couldn’t install just normal LVT,” stated Mr. Thompson. In about one week’s time, working around construction, 5 installers from JP Flooring Systems were able to completely install all 8,100 sq. ft. of flooring throughout the Star Lanes new facility.

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