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Floorworks® Planks at Rumford Pet Express, RIPosted: Jun 2013 Posted by: Mats Inc.


Ms. Alden and her client thoroughly evaluated a variety of resilient flooring products from several manufacturers before selecting Floorworks ® planks from Mats Inc. for their third Rumford Pet Center location.

With two established locations including the original storefront in East Providence, Rhode Island and one in Warwick, Rhode Island, the family business owners decided to develop a new store model called Rumford Pet Express.


C_floorworks-plank_Rumford Pet Center (1)

They chose a location in Smithfield, Rhode Island and enlisted interior designer Teresa Alden to design a relaxing and comfortable environment that would maximize the customer’s shopping experience.  The chosen storefront was previously a Blockbuster Video and required a great deal of renovating to meet the pet center’s standards, especially the flooring.  The broadloom carpet that had functioned for Blockbuster was not going to work for a pet supply store and it was worn out and dirty.  The store required a flooring solution that would be hygienic and easy to clean and maintain in case of pet accidents or the occasional spilled bag of pet food, and strong enough to accommodate the forklifts needed to move heavy bags of pet food and supplies throughout the store.

“What really closed the deal were the durability and strength, resistance to mold and mildew, anti-microbial properties, and finally the pattern and color selections,” stated Ms. Alden.  They selected Floorworks® in Natural Walnut to create the rustic charm and inviting warmth of a rural shop.

“The same client opened another store with the same flooring selection in North Attleboro, MA,” stated Ms. Teresa Alden, “and [used Floorworks® in] his headquarters renovation which included the cafeteria, conference room, lounge, and his private office.  That is how much he loved the product!” {Download Case Study}

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