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Advanced Track at Union Station, ILPosted: Feb 2012 Posted by: Mats Inc.


Since 1925, Union Station has served as the primary terminal for commuter trains in the city of Chicago, Illinois.  With grand architecture and ornate features, Union Station stands as a testament to the opulence and grandeur of the early 20th century.

As with any historical structure, routine maintenance and restorations are necessary for preservation.  When foot grilles on the station’s underground platforms began bowing, jeopardizing passengers’ safety and making the transportation of equipment and luggage impossible, management knew they had to take action.  The purpose of the foot grilles was to capture dirt and debris from passengers’ shoes to prevent damage to the travertine flooring in the concourse.

In 2010, Union Station management enlisted the help of Kim Miller, Project Architect at Hydzik Schade Associates, to replace the failing foot grilles with ones that would trap dirt and debris, withstand the daily foot traffic of the thousands of passengers and support the weight of heavy train machinery and equipment.  Kim had faced similar conditions in previous projects, and the Pro Track series from Mats Inc. was a collection of foot grille products that she had come to trust and rely on.  With its cross-bolt construction to sustain the weight of the equipment, a combination of aluminum scraping bars and fiber wiping bars to remove dirt and debris, and dozens of fiber insert design and color options, Kim selected the Advanced Track model with Boston-Kenmore Charcoal inserts.

“My client has been extremely happy since the installation of Advanced Track,” stated Kim Miller.  “Advanced Track’s durable construction eliminated the potential for buckling and tripping hazards and minimized maintenance and damage to the travertine floors in the concourse.”


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