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Pro Shield at Sam Houston State, TXPosted: Feb 2012 Posted by: Mats Inc.


For the 17,000 active students at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, the Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum serves as the epicenter for campus activities.  With gleaming maple hardwood basketball courts and 6,110 seating capacity, the Coliseum hosts events from basketball tournaments to job fairs and commencement ceremonies.

Serving as the University’s basketball arena first and conference center second, special attention was paid to protect the maple basketball courts in Johnson Coliseum.  Before any event, plant and facilities professionals spent hours rolling out the floor protection that was covered in wine and dirt stains and torn from chairs and high heeled shoes from previous functions.  However once laid out, the rolled floor covering provided little in the way of overall flooring protection, and gaps between the sheets caused tripping hazards.  In 2010, in order to present a clean and safe facility for commencement, the decision was made to replace the old rolled floor protection, with its stains, indentations and surface cuts.

Mr. Ed Chatal, Associate Director for Facilities, Recreation Sports, along with the Director of Recreation and Director of Plant began to research options for flooring protection products that would not wear, puck or stain easily, were quick and easy to setup and were aesthetically pleasing.  Gathering numerous samples, including new rolled products and heavy rubber puzzle piece tiles, and traveling to product demonstrations, the Recreation and Facilities members were won over by Pro Shield from Mats Inc., as the giant-size tiles made setup a breeze, provided unmatched protection and could be easily cleaned of scuff marks and dirt and debris.

“Everyone on campus has enjoyed the difference Pro Shield has made over other gym floor coverings in the past,” stated Mr. Ed Chatal.  Pro Shield provided the necessary protection to avoid damage to the maple court flooring during non-basketball events, minimized preparation and setup time for functions and improved the arena acoustics.

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