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Dual Track and Supreme Nop at Home & Hospice Care of RIPosted: May 2010 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Home and Hospice Care of RI

One year ago this month, Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island opened its new LEED Gold Certified facility at 1085 North Main Street in Providence. The strategy for LEED certification included using 95% of the existing building, using recycled and regionally produced materials, recycling construction waste, filtering rain water and using power from renewable sources. Vision 3 Architects of Providence designed the modern, 50,000 square foot facility with particular attention to safety and comfort.

To ensure the interior would remain safe and clean, the design team recommended a CleanZone™ entrance system from Mats Inc.

Dual Track was chosen for the vestibule of the main entrance for its attractiveness, durable cross-bolt construction, superior scraping and moisture absorbing performance and ability to resist harsh New England weather. Mats Inc. delivered Supreme Nop entrance matting in Tweed Brown for the Zone 3 areas, such as the lobby and ambulatory entrance, to complete the CleanZone™ System.

Home & Hospice Care of RI

“We have visitors 24/7 which means lots of use”, stated Joan Mignacca, Director of Facilities & Material Management. “They have withstood terrible weather and conditions and they still look good after a year of wear and tear.”

Mats Inc. entrance systems can contribute to LEED MR Credit 4 Recycled Content (1 – 2 points), MR Credit 5 Regional Materials (1 – 2 points), and IEQ Credit 5 Indoor Air Pollutant & Source Control (1 point). {Download Case Study}

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