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How to Keep Highly Productive EmployeesPosted: Dec 2015 Posted by: Mats Inc.


“Most of the things worth doing in the world have been declared impossible before they were done,” stated SBLI, the Savings Bank Life Insurance Company, founder Louis D. Brandeis.

In 1907, Brandeis set out with the ambitious goal of providing affordable, dependable life insurance to all families. His methodology coupled with his no-nonsense approach has made SBLI the go-to, low-cost life insurance provider.

SBLI has built its reputation on fast and convenient customer service.  In order to deliver the high level of service for which it is known, SBLI cultivates an environment in which employees feel confident with their knowledge and comfortable in their workspaces. In 2015, the Woburn, Massachusetts corporate offices underwent extensive renovations to create inspiring and practical employee work areas.  SBLI hired Jonathan Macphee, a Principal at studioTROIKA, to update the design and effectiveness of the office building, including the employee lounge.

photo_collageJonathan embraced a vision for an employee lounge that would not only be relaxing, functional and well-utilized but one that would look great long term. He proposed a chromatic palette and modest furnishings that would lend themselves to enduring simplicity. The client had distinct objectives for the flooring material. They were looking for a product that was environmentally responsible, durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and required minimal maintenance.  It would also be the one finish to ground the design in comforting warmth amongst the neutral surroundings, modern fixtures and contrasting materials. Jonathan consulted Mats Inc. Senior Architectural Specialist David Cassady, a valued partner of studioTROIKA, to help find the ideal flooring solution for the space.

David recommended PURline botanol flooring for its cutting-edge environmental attributes, incredible durability and authentic wood plank look.

Jonathan presented PURline to the SBLI renovation team, who was impressed with the depth and variety of the PURline collection.  The team agreed that PURline would be the best choice to replace the existing VCT flooring.  PURline botanol flooring in Halifax Oak was installed in the SBLI employee lounge to create a relaxing environment for employees.

“We wanted to create a space that was welcoming and functional, while using materials that would look great for years to come,” stated Allison Collins, Architectural Designer at studioTROIKA. The PURline, along with other high-quality materials and furnishings, did just that.

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