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A Twenty-First Century Update: LVT Flooring Tiles in EducationPosted: Dec 2014 Posted by: Mats Inc.


Catholic school administrators decided to consolidate the Taunton Catholic Middle School into the Coyle and Cassidy High School to help reduce expenses and control tuition costs. All at once, the high school needed to absorb nearly 200 new students.   A nearby Parish Center became available and the high school took the opportunity to acquire the building for the additional educational area needed to accommodate an increased student population.

Renovations were necessary to maximize the new space and bring the Holy Rosary Parish Center up to building code requirements and the standards of the High School. In the summer of 2014, the renovations were underway. The overall Parish Center structure was to be preserved, but Ms. Mary Pat Tranter, President of Coyle and Cassady High School, was to spearhead bringing the design and décor into the twenty-first century. Her vision was to create a college-like atmosphere for the upper classmen to assist in their transition from a high school to college environment.

Ms. Tranter enlisted the services of Tom Palanza of the Palanza Group Inc. to help develop the plan that would transform the space using contemporary design and advanced technology. They started with the essentials, installing replacement windows and making modifications for compliance with ADA standards. They moved on to reconfigure the existing layout in order to create three ample size classrooms from the two meeting rooms that had previously served the Holy Rosary Parish. One priority the team could not overlook was incorporating Wireless internet throughout the building to allow students to utilize iPads, a mandatory requirement for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.floorworks--coyle-case-study-quote

Next they decided to equip classrooms with the newest in learning technology including software for interactive student-teacher learning, digital textbooks, virtual learning tools and remote-access overhead projectors. Beyond the latest technology, the design team selected contemporary décor including a trendy neutral color palette for walls and lvt flooring tiles. Floorworks® Tile in Travertine Mist was installed in each classroom with Travertine Gold Floorworks® Tile in the corridor. Floorworks® flooring created the modern look they wanted to achieve while offering the durability for the heavy foot traffic of an education setting.

“We chose the Floorworks® product to create a more modern look in a classroom setting,” stated Ms. Tranter. “The Floorworks® Tile offers exceptional durability and a look in line with a twenty-first century pre-college environment.” As an additional bonus of importance to Ms. Tranter, the tiles never require sanding, stripping or waxing making clean up and continued maintenance a breeze.

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