LVT Plank Flooring at Walden Behavioral Care Clinics

A Natural Choice for Healthcare Design: Floorworks® LVTPosted: Jul 2015 Posted by: Mats Inc.

LVT Plank Flooring

Walden Behavioral Care was founded by Stuart Koman, Ph.D., in 2003 to provide individuals and their families suffering from eating and psychiatric disorders with treatment close to home. Since then, more than 15,000 individuals have received treatment, and 185 patients are cared for each day at clinic locations throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Dedicated to delivering the most innovative behavioral healthcare services, it is critical the clinics are comfortable and serene. Walden Behavioral Care contracted Damara Toohey, Architect and Design Associate at GMI Architects, to embark on a rebranding project that would bring the ideal environment to its outpatient clinics. With the view of Walden Pond and the company logo serving as inspiration, her mission was to design a clean and updated space that would offer beauty and tranquility for patients, with functional, durable and easy to maintain finishes and furnishings.

Damara TooheyThe project team at Walden loved the look of hardwood floors and believed it would be a great choice to set the stage for a high-impact, nature-inspired design. They quickly realized however that they would need a more cost-effective product and a more practical solution for long-term maintenance. Damara recognized that LVT plank flooring would be an economical solution; however, she had previously experienced scratching and durability issues and was apprehensive to use it again. Her colleagues at GMI Architects suggested contacting David Cassady from Mats Inc., who had established himself as a valued partner for flooring needs or questions.

Damara met with David to discuss the requirements for the kitchen and dining area flooring, and he suggested Floorworks® 3mm vinyl planks. The Floorworks® 3mm LVT would provide commercial-grade quality that would withstand the “level of abuse” that Damara had described to David and would be an easy-to-clean flooring solution that would continue to look great for years. She was immediately impressed with the authentic real wood look and the variety of colors and textures available.

LVT Plank FlooringDamara presented Floorworks® plank flooring in Heritage Maple to the Walden team.  The team was delighted by the durable, budget-friendly solution that would complement the overall design.

LVT Plank Flooring
Floorworks® LVT plank has become a standard finish for Walden Behavioral Care with two clinics already completed. Damara Toohey and the Walden Behavioral Care staff agree that they have found the perfect balance between resilience and design with Floorworks® from Mats Inc.

“After using Floorworks® plank in multiple behavioral healthcare outpatient clinics, I am time and time again impressed with the varying color, texture, and depth of the installed product. The floor looks beautiful and can withstand day-to-day use easily,” raves Damara Toohey.

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