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Woodflex™ at Scituate Racquet & Fitness Center, MAPosted: Apr 2009 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Chris Horne, owner of the Scituate Racquet & Fitness Center in Scituate, Massachusetts, had some major decisions to make when he first decided to build the 40,000 square foot facility. It was at that time that he first started investigating his sports flooring options.

He needed flooring for a 30 x 40 foot, multipurpose room used for aerobics, kickboxing, pilates and dance classes. The multiple uses of the room demanded that the texture and warmth of the flooring be as important a consideration as its performance. Horne knew that he wanted a wood-like appearance but needed flooring that was much more durable and cushioned than real wood flooring. That’s when he discovered Woodflex™, by Mats Inc.

With an attractive wood grain appearance as well as exceptional underfoot comfort and sound absorption, Woodflex was the sports flooring solution that Horne was looking for. After doing a cost analysis of a fully suspended hardwood floor versus the Woodflex™ flooring, his decision was made. He had Woodflex™ installed in the multipurpose room and has heard nothing but positive comments since the facility’s opening in early September of 2003.

“Instructors from four or five different facilities have told me how much they love it,” stated Horne. “They insist that it’s the best floor they have ever worked on.”

Woodflex™ is the multi-purpose sports flooring with the look of natural wood. Woodflex™ provides outstanding shock absorbency to actually enhance sports performance. With a wear layer that is abrasion-resistant and easy to maintain, Woodflex™ resists most chemicals and has anti-static and antibacterial properties.

With all the same great features as Woodflex™, Gameflex™ is available in orange, blue and green. The colors and textures of each type of flooring are complementary and enable Gameflex™ to be used with Woodflex ™as an accent border or inlay.

Both products feature an anti-slip embossed surface and excellent dimensional stability, which makes them ideal for sport or fitness applications.

“In addition to the unique appearance,” says Jim Cave, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mats Inc. “Both Woodflex™ and Gameflex™ are durable enough to stand up to heavy traffic and comfortable enough to stand, walk, run and jump on.”

While Horne was unfamiliar with the Mats Inc. product line before this building project, he said he would definitely consider Mats Inc. products for projects in the future. “I would recommend it to anyone who needs a low maintenance, great looking floor with a cushion back.”



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