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MultiLino™ at Cole Field Center in Natick, MAPosted: Jan 2009 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Dick Cugini, the Superintendent of the Cole Field Center in Natick, Massachusetts, needed a flooring product that could be used in a multipurpose fitness and function room. Cugini needed a product where students could play basketball safely and where town meeting members could gather for important town meetings. The floor needed a durable wear layer to withstand the abuse of high foot traffic, basketball games, and wear from tables and chairs.

Mats Inc. introduced Cugini to MultiLino™ FM, an environmentally friendly, multipurpose sports flooring system made from natural linoleum. MultiLino™ FM is a resilient, hygienic sports flooring system made for fitness centers, cardio areas, school gyms, and indoor roller- blading areas. The floor has a variety of colors to choose from to match any building design. Not only is MultiLino™ FM a clean, green product made out of all-natural, recyclable ingredients – but it is also durable enough for the toughest applications. Cugini has received positive feedback from his staff because of the low maintenance costs and minimal effort needed to clean and maintain the floor. He has also heard positive things from parents who watch their children play a variety of sports on the floor.

Cugini states, “The floor is holding up great. We like it because we can have many different events on it while the floor maintains its resiliency.”



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