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Saving Design Time, Pinterest or PaletteAppPosted: Jan 2013 Posted by: Mats Inc.


With a goal to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting, Pinterest created  a thriving social bookmarking site where users gather and share photos of their favorite events, interests and hobbies.  It is also a place where Interior Designers create pin boards with sources of inspiration, beautiful fabrics and tiles, and design ideas.  I have even seen boards constructed for specific commercial projects.  (A quick shout out to those who are pinning our products on them!)  It is easy to understand how it can be a great tool to visualize concepts.  But then what?

Several months ago, I came across some intriguing marketing from a company called PalletteApp.  (With endless emails and phone calls from salespeople wanting to help me automate, accelerate, or generate something, I am not typically inclined to explore everything that comes my way.)  PaletteApp had captured my attention and I decided to find out what it was about.

Similar to Pinterest, I discovered that PaletteApp is a site where the users can accumulate items to place on digital boards.  Unlike Pinterest, PaletteApp has a sharing component but isn’t a social networking site and it was specifically produced for interior designers.

When they walked me through the site, they told me how they were working with the industry’s top suppliers to load products onto the site and they demonstrated how designers could quickly and effortlessly assemble boards of windows, wall finishes, fixtures, and of course flooring for their projects.

Ok so that’s good.

Then they showed me the feature that allows the designer to instantly order each sample on the board from all of the various product suppliers in just seconds and with just one click.  That’s awesome!  I could absolutely see how that would save time.





They had gained my interest with their marketing, their business model fascinated me, and they are able to save designers a ton of time with a helpful tool and sign up is FREE.

PaletteApp launched earlier this year and many of our products can be found on PaletteApp.  Things are going well and I am interested in hearing what you think.

If you are already using PaletteApp, what do you like most about it? Is there anything you think should be changed?

If you have not tried PaletteApp, would you be willing to try it and let us know your thoughts?

Go to Palette App Now!


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