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Panorama Living Color at Bristol Community CollegePosted: Feb 2013 Posted by: Mats Inc.


After nearly 30 years in operation, the Fitness Center at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA was showing its age and looking rather out of shape.  It was dark and drab, the grey walls and dropped ceilings elicited the feeling of a basement gym, and the carpeted floors that covered the entire facility were worn out, torn and stained.

The executives at Bristol Community College believed they could increase membership by creating a stimulating work out environment and in 2012, they decided to give the Fitness Center a cosmetic overhaul, including lights, locker rooms, ceiling, walls and flooring.

Diane Hamel, Director of the BCC Fitness Center, was enlisted from the onset of the decision-making process to voice the needs of the facility.  With much of the renovation focused on aesthetics, Diane advocated that their flooring considerations should include features and qualities that meet the specific needs of each fitness center activity.  She wanted to ensure that the flooring would increase safety with proper shock absorption and surface friction in aerobics studios and group fitness areas, resist indentation and absorb impact from heavy barbells in weight room areas and provide slip resistance and withstand pivot point wear around the equipment in cardio and stationary machine areas.

Replacing the carpet with more carpet was not an option since it had stained easily and didn’t the meet functional requirements for the greater part of the facility.  Hardwood was too costly and not practical under heavy cardio and weight equipment.  After evaluating a variety of conventional fitness flooring products against the performance expectations, budget and timeline, Ms. Hamel and Carl Anctil, Director of Facilities, chose Panorama Living Color for spaces with weights and equipment and Woodflex™ for aerobics and group exercise areas.

Mats Inc. delivered the easy-to-clean and environmentally-friendly rubber tiles in the color Blue Cactus from the Panorama Living Color Monument Valley collection.  The blue burst of color throughout the flooring tiles was selected to promote a peaceful and productive atmosphere for activities involving strength and intensity.  Woodflex™ vinyl flooring was chosen for its minimal maintenance commitment, hygienic properties and realistic maple wood look that would brighten the aerobics and group exercise areas to encourage energy and enthusiasm.

“The rubber is a die-hard material, and the vinyl Woodflex™ is perfect for Group Ex,” stated Diane Hamel.  Since the installation in September 2012, the Woodflex™ and Panorama Rubber Tiles have proven easy-to-maintain, functional, and extremely durable.

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