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Playground Tiles at York Hospital, PAPosted: Oct 2011 Posted by: Mats Inc.


Anticipating the arrival of Spring and the children that would follow, the Engineering Department at York Hospital in Pennsylvania prepared to replace the rotting wood chips in the hospital’s playground.  Fred Way, the Head of Engineering, decided it was a good opportunity to consider alternative surface materials to address the costly annual maintenance, as well as the safety issues they had been experiencing.  Children were eating the wood chips, which evidently are difficult and painful to digest, and the wood chips were pushed around the playground causing low spots, removing the protection in those areas.

The team evaluated a number of surface options including rubber mulch and various types of outdoor tiles.

The rubber mulch would last longer than the wood but it was small enough that it could be eaten and it would still move around, allowing low spots and exposed ground.   To reduce the potential for injury and skinned knees, they tested the density and texture of a variety of outdoor tiles for both impact absorption and abrasiveness.  At last, the engineering team concluded that Playground Tiles from Mats Inc. would be the solution to solve all of their safety and maintenance concerns.

Working with Playground Tiles for the first time, the installation team from Worden and Shewell put tiles in place in only a day and a half. “It was a really nice product to use, and the ease of the installation was key,” stated installer Brian Mummert.

In less than two days, Fred Way was able to re-open the playground that was now safer, more attractive and would not have to be replaced for many years to come.

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