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Leading a Healthcare Flooring RevolutionPosted: Mar 2013 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Sugar Beets

In a revolutionary technological development, Debolon R&D engineers replaced phthalate plasticizers with domestic sugar beets (citric acid esters) as a natural, sustainable softener.

“This latest advancement with Debolon allows us to offer the design community an incredibly sustainable flooring solution for nearly any healthcare application, while providing the highest quality and unparalleled performance for which Debolon is already known,” said Rich Ruhlin, Vice President of Healthcare Development at Mats Inc.

“By reengineering the material to utilize sugar beets, a rapidly renewable resource, Debolon is transforming the industry.”

The Debolon Collection is a Floorscore® certified, fully recyclable, resilient flooring collection manufactured in an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facility.  Hygienic and extremely durable, Debolon is highly sound absorbent, provides comfort underfoot, and is easy to clean and maintain never requiring waxing, stripping or buffing making it the ideal flooring solution for hospital rooms, doctors offices, senior care centers and more.

Designing for a healthcare environment poses many segment-specific challenges.  The flooring products incorporated in the design must be easy to clean and maintain, hygienic and extremely durable under carts and heavy patient beds.

Brilliant color options and warm wood patterns, the Debolon Collection makes is easy to create beautiful and comforting environments with sustainable resilient flooring.

Comfort Spezial
Debolon Rx™
Comfort | Compact


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