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Introducing the New Color of HealthcarePosted: Feb 2012 Posted by: Mats Inc.


Patients experience enhanced positive results in environments that incorporate natural light, natural elements, meaningful and varied stimuli, tranquil sounds, and pleasant views.  Color too will impact mood.  And nothing screams clinical like that common minty hue of “hospital green,” favored by healthcare facilities all over the globe.

This color does provide a good contrast with red allowing staff to see blood stains more clearly. But hospital green can evoke negative emotions in patients, and a monochromatic color scheme adds to an institutional feel.  Instead, warm, natural tones like sage and wood can support a more welcoming ambiance.

Designing for the healthcare segment poses many challenges but you don’t have to trade in design for function.  With the new Debolon Comfort Spezial collection from Mats Inc., your job just got easier!

Complementing the authentic looking hardwood tones of the popular Debolon Comfort collection, is the new Debolon Comfort Spezial.  Like the all of the Debolon collections, Comfort Spezial is a Floorscore® certified, fully recyclable resilient vinyl flooring collection that is manufactured in an ISO 9001 and 14001 certified facility with domestic German sugar beets (citric acid esters), which act as a natural, sustainable softener replacement to phthalates and plasticizers.  Hygienic and extremely durable, Debolon is highly sound absorbent, provides comfort underfoot and never needs waxing, stripping, or buffing.

The new Comfort Spezial is offered in an array of colors and unique stripwood designs.  Visit our web site to learn more about Debolon Comfort Spezial or click here to request the new Debolon Collections binder.

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