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If You Could Create an Alternative to Carpet – Panorama Rubber TilesPosted: Mar 2012 Posted by: Mats Inc.


What do you choose when you want the versatility, comfort and style of carpet but require the wear performance, non-allergenic properties and easy to clean attributes of resilient flooring?

If you could create a flooring solution that provides sound insulation, energy savings, underfoot comfort, slip-resistance, stain resistance, that would be easy to clean and install, with good wear and non-allergenic properties, while still providing the flexibility for individual creative design, would you?

Panorama rubber flooring tiles are perfect for retail stores, cafes, recreation rooms, banks, pharmacies, mailrooms, fitness rooms and other places where carpet just won’t do… there is Panorama.

Create unique color combinations by mixing Panorama colors together to replicate patterns or create all new designs using Mixology™ , our online floor designer program.  With infinite color possibilities and low minimum quantities, the design potential is endless!

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