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Panorama Rubber Tile at Mansfield Bank, MAPosted: Feb 2011 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Mansfield Bank

Mansfield Bank needed a comfortable yet high performance flooring solution for the teller area in its newest branch in South Easton, MA. To accomplish the task of finding a product that was both functional and aesthetically balanced with the building’s interior, the bank commissioned designer Mindy Kaplan of BKA Architects, Inc. in Brockton, MA. Mindy considered traditional carpeting, but upon researching alternatives, decided on Panorama Tile by Mats Inc.

“Panorama Rubber flooring provided an innovative solution to a high impact area that traditional carpet solutions can’t compare with,” Mindy said.

“It provides underfoot comfort for the bank tellers without the buckling that can occur with a padded carpet solution in addition to an aesthetic look well received within the banking community.” “The tellers love it,” Mansfield Bank Easton Branch Manager Tom Moretti said of the new flooring.

Coupled with its comfort underfoot, durability made Panorama Rubber an ideal solution for 450 square foot space. Rolling chairs glide easily over the surface without causing indentations or scuffing damage, and the uniform color and non-laminated surface provide lasting wear qualities and a monolithic appearance.

Recyclability made it a sustainable option, and the product’s ease of maintenance was also an important consideration. Panorama Tile typically demands less maintenance than other types of flooring, requiring vacuuming and damp mopping as needed. {Download Case Study}

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