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MultiLino™ Shines at YMCA in Lincoln, NEPosted: Jan 2008 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Lauderbach of the Cooper YMCA in Lincoln, Nebraska was put in charge of finding a new flooring system for a multipurpose fitness room in the recreation center. The room was to be used as both a sports fitness area for young adults and, at times, a play area for children who attended the onpremise day care. So, Lauderbach needed a product that offered some flexibility.

Lauderbach was approached with many options for the room in the YMCA (called the “Youth Gym”). After benchmarking several products, he decided


MultiLino at YMCA

MultiLino at YMCA

MultiLino™ was the best flooring for his multi-purpose application. MultiLino™ is a resilient LINO floor made of all natural, recyclable linoleum. The floor is not treated with polymers, making it hard enough to withstand high abuse from foot traffic, rollerblades and scooters – and yet safe enough for fitness classes and sports games. The floor is very tough and does not scratch easily from tables and chairs, allowing for flexibility when the Y needs a multipurpose area. And there is very little effort required for maintenance. The product comes in a variety of colors that can match any facility design.

“After installing the floor, Lauderbach stated, “The floor has received nothing but compliments and the durability of the floor allows us to hold virtually any activity in the room.”

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