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Flooring Trends for Sports & Fitness / Designer’s EdgePosted: Apr 2012 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Sports and Fitness Flooring

Sports facilities, health clubs and fitness facilities are starting to show more personality and flooring can play a key role. Whether you’re designing a new facility, or redesigning an existing one, keep in mind the influence that flooring can have on overall aesthetics, sustainability and performance.

Flooring Trends

  1. Product performance is still on top of the list for member safety and keeping life-cycle costs low.
  2. In addition to using more recycled and renewable flooring products, designers are giving more attention to low VOC (volatile organic compound) adhesives, bio-friendly maintenance products and refinishing requirements.
  3. Flooring color palettes have been incorporating more oranges, olive greens, dark browns and grayish blues.


Types of Flooring


Linoleum is a rapidly renewable material that is made from flax, linseed oil, wood flour, natural pine resins and natural colorants, is anti-static and anti-bacterial, has a long wear life, requires minimal maintenance, and requires no stripping or waxing.

MultiLino™ multipurpose flooring features the benefits of a linoleum top surface and offers advanced sports performance for intense sports such as racquetball, volleyball and floor hockey.

Duo Tile


Both virgin and recycled rubber sheets and tiles are antibacterial, mildew-, mold- and rot-resistant, and have a long wear life. Rubber can differ widely in terms of contents, quality, and maintenance requirements. Obtaining samples and product documentation will help with decision-making.

Duo Tile offers as much or as little color as you want for weight rooms, cardio equipment areas, locker rooms and even skate rinks. Superior quality rubber flooring tiles are FloorScore certified and manufactured with recycled rubber tires. For extended life, interlocking tiles in high traffic areas can be periodically flipped over or switched with tiles in lower traffic areas. At the end of their useful life, Duo Tile can be returned to be recycled into new flooring.



An economical and durable flooring option, luxury vinyl tile provides an opportunity to incorporate interesting and inviting spaces for non-fitness areas such as hallways, office and cafes. LVT comes in a wide variety of colors and designs that typically emulate natural patterns including woods, stones and metals. Print quality, wear layer, material contents, product thickness and warranty vary by brand.

Floorworks® by Mats Inc. is among the highest quality and authentic looking resilient plank and tile flooring available. Manufactured in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facility, planks and tiles include recycled content and are FloorScore® certified for low VOC (volatile organic compound).

Diagonal Tile

Commercial Carpet Tile

For facilities with a limited budget, commercial carpet tiles made from thick, durable polypropylene fibers can be used in cardio equipment areas. Dimensional stability of the tile is dependent on a quality material backing and keeps tiles from shrinking and the edges from curling. Tiles are easy to install and typically offered in a variety of colors.

Diagonal Tile is produced using 52% post-consumer recycled content, UV stabilized polypropylene fibers and dimensional stable Bitumen backing.   Tiles are stain resistant, easily maintained and will not delaminate or ravel.

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