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Green Living Tip: Recycle Your Old iPadPosted: Apr 2012 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Recycle Your iPad

Are you making the big upgrade to the 3rd Generation iPad? If you answered yes, here are some great green ideas for recycling that old iPad!

  • Sell it back! Apple will buy back your old first generation and iPad 2. You’ll get paid in Apple gift cards you can use to buy the latest version iPad.
  • Donate it to charity. Plenty of causes could benefit from your old iPad. Apple’s charitable program donates the old gadgets to Teach for America; other causes such as Computers with Causes and The HollyRod Foundation send iPads to underfunded schools and special needs children and families.
  • Recycle for parts. Apple’s recycling program will accept your tablet if it’s broken and unusable.

Click here to learn about more ways to recycle your old iPad.


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