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Elgin Community College has provided post-secondary and continuing education to residents of Elgin, Illinois and the surrounding areas since 1949. With its aging facilities and the growth of the student population, the College requested and received $178 million dollars from the local district to expand the campus and renovate many of the existing campus buildings.

Elgin Community College

One of the largest reconstruction projects was ECC Building D, commonly known as the Math and Science Center, and housing administrative offices, the campus police department and classrooms. DLA Architects were charged with redesigning the two-story, 48,500 square foot building, including structural layout, décor and flooring.

The designers at DLA Architects developed a plan with many new features and improvements while keeping the overall design consistent with the interiors throughout the campus. With luxurious and long-lasting poured terrazzo flooring in the common areas throughout the property, Shannon Baird at DLA Architects knew they would need an alternative solution to adhere to the project timeline and accommodate subfloor restrictions. Ms. Baird had worked on similar projects in the past and found Floorazzo™ tiles from Mats Inc. to be a practical solution to poured-in-place terrazzo. Floorazzo™ is terrazzo in tile form so it naturally harmonizes with existing terrazzo flooring without excess weight on older subflooring conditions. Ms. Baird selected S’mores and Grand Canyon colors from the Floorazzo™ Gem color suite to coordinate with the other terrazzo flooring in the building and allow for timely installation.

“Elgin Community College loves the rich look of the Floorazzo™ tiles and appreciates the easy maintenance of the product. The floors are a beautiful highlight in our design,” stated Shannon Baird.

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