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Floorazzo™ at Panduit Company, World Headquarters, ILPosted: Dec 2010 Posted by: Mats Inc.


In March of 2010, physical infrastructure provider Panduit Company opened the doors to its new world headquarters in Tinley Park, a suburb of Chicago. Panduit teamed up with global design firm Gensler to create ‘the building of the future’ – a smart, sustainable, healthy space with a sleek, modern aesthetic to reflect the high tech nature of the company’s work. The team was committed to achieving a LEED Gold certification and using Panduit’s innovative Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) approach, a technology-focused solution, to deliver visibility and control for all critical building systems, sustainable energy, operational cost savings and intelligent design features.

“Through our relationship with Panduit, we better understand that technology is a key component to sustainability – to monitor and control the building’s energy use. We understand how the UPI vision can enhance LEED certification and will consider using this technology strategy on other projects,” said Jay Longo, Gensler Senior Associate. While there was no shortage of challenges implementing the LEED design strategies, the criteria required for the flooring was especially demanding. Indoor air quality, recycled content, ease of maintenance, and a long lifecycle were priorities. Aesthetically, the team wanted a product with a contemporary and monolithic look. Additionally, the flooring product would need to meet the standards for raised access floors, integral to supporting the team’s strategy for under floor service distribution.

The design team selected Floorazzo™ by Mats Inc. for its positive influence on indoor air quality, its ability to outperform nearly all other types of flooring and it provided the monolithic, modern appearance the design team was looking for.

“For a low cost, Panduit was able to customize the Floorazzo™ floor finish to include all the colors of the surrounding design elements,” said Darrin Norbut, Senior Manager, Global Workplace Resources for Panduit. “These color elements were incorporated into a final product that impresses customers with its high-tech properties while imparting a unique, retro feel to our new World Headquarters building.” {Download Case Study}

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