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Robots, Pearls and Fossils: Floorazzo™ Training Facility FlooringPosted: May 2014 Posted by: Mats Inc.

floorazzo terrazzo tile

It is no surprise that Intuitive Surgical Inc., the creator of the da Vinci® robotic surgical system, would keep the location of their new corporate headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, having already invested in manufacturing, sales and other corporate buildings on Kifer Road in Sunnyvale, California.  The 155,000 SF headquarters building was designed to house corporate operations and to serve as a training facility for some of the world’s most advanced robotic surgical systems.

In the summer of 2013, construction began on a two-story corporate and training facility under the direction of architectural firm Arc Tec Inc.  The building, much like the company’s products, had to be sleek and modern with demonstration rooms that mimicked the healthcare conditions in which the robotic systems would be used.

Floorazzo™ terrazzo tiles in the colors Pearl and Fossil were chosen for the “operating room flooring” in the product demonstration rooms to resemble the most authentic, durable and sterile surgical environments.  As the construction project finish work was well underway, the team discovered that the epoxy supplier was unable to deliver a white floor to the architect’s satisfaction for the grand lobby and showcase.  Garrett Baxley and DSB+ Commercial Floor Finishes stepped in to recommend a solution: More Floorazzo™!

Floorazzo terrazzo tile

“When the epoxy supplier couldn’t deliver, we offered Floorazzo™ as the solution,” Garrett Baxley, DSB+ Commercial Floor Finishes.

Floorazzo™ Approved Installers, DSB+ Commercial Floor Finishes installed the Floorazzo™ tiles in the lobby and showcase areas as well as in the product demonstration rooms.  The training facility flooring, bright white Pearl terrazzo tile with hints of gem sparkle, provided the brilliant elegance, durability and easy maintenance routines required to realize the magnificent entrance and showrooms.

Floorazzo terrazzo tile

Intuitive Surgical headquarters is one of the first all LED lighting facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area and was designed to satisfy LEED Gold requirements.  LEED Gold certification is still pending.

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