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November 6, 2010 began as a normal Tuesday at Stonebridge Café, a popular breakfast and lunch stop in Brockton, Massachusetts.  At 8PM, after the restaurant had long since been closed, a fire broke out in the kitchen.  The fire had been sparked by the large gas grill unknowingly left on and ravaged the kitchen with such extensive smoke and water damage that it was beyond repair.  Owner Steve Beatty decided to turn the disaster into an opportunity to remodel the entire 17-year-old eatery and contacted BKA Architects for their design and product expertise.

Décor in the seating area of the Stonebridge Café was 1980s-era wallpaper and carpeting.  The carpet, worn and severely stained from constant drink spills and dropped food, had proven to be a challenge to clean throughout the years.  Maintaining the carpet required daily vacuuming, spot cleaning and quarterly deep cleaning and shampooing.

While planning the renovation, carpet would not be a consideration. The new flooring would have to be durable, easy to clean and maintain, as well as compliment the fresh and present-day design they were after.

Vinyl Plank Flooring at Stonebridge Cafe

BKA Architects recommended Floorworks® vinyl plank flooring from Mats Inc. for its authentic hardwood appearance, simple maintenance routine and long-lasting durability in highly trafficked areas.  The designer chose Floorworks® Colonial Pine to set the tone for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Two years after the renovation, the Floorworks® planks look as good as new, and the manager and employees at Stonebridge Café still appreciate how easy to clean the flooring is even with the inevitable drink and food spills.

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