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Mon 6May 2013

miProject Library & the iPad: You Need an APP for That!Posted by: Mats Inc.

When downloading images or documents from miProject Library, your iPad needs to have an app installed that can open (at minimum) the following file types: JPEGS  (images) Microsoft Word Documents  (CSI Specs) PDF Files (All other documentation) ZIP files (packaged files)   We installed and tested 4 apps that successfully downloaded & opened each kind... Read More

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Sun 1Jul 2012

Quick Tip: Single File Download with No Zipping!Posted by: Mats Inc.

Opening a ZIP file is an extra step – and an unnecessary one – when you only need to download 1 file. A new improvement to miProject Library is the ability to quickly download a file. 1) Click the Download icon underneath the file thumbnail 2) Choose the Download Options you need. Remember… Choose Original... Read More

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Wed 1Feb 2012
mi Project Library

miProject Library Quick TipsPosted by: Mats Inc.

miProject Library is a powerful tool that allows you unlimited access to Mats Inc. images & documents.  Once you have taken some time to review these documents and work with the application, it becomes very easy to find & share these assets efficiently. We have put together PDFs with some tips and instructions for working... Read More

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