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Precision Inlay™ Logo at I-X Center, OHPosted: Oct 2012 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Precision Inlay Logo

Serving as host to public conventions, private tradeshows, boxing matches, truck pulls and more, the International Exposition Center, commonly known as the I-X Center, in Cleveland, Ohio welcomes crowds ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands through its doors daily.  Having the ability to host such a wide range of large and small gatherings, the I-X Center is bustling, and with a tightly packed schedule of events, the Convention Center has little downtime available for maintenance and repairs.

At least once a year for the better part of a decade, the I-X Center has had to close down for several days to replace entrance matting and repair damage to interior flooring caused by the heavy foot traffic and tough Cleveland winters.  Inexpensive walk-off matting was placed on top of ceramic tile in the vestibule at the main entrance and quickly became ineffective.  The entrance matting was cleaned frequently, replaced twice a year and was still only marginally presentable. The interior carpeting didn’t have a chance at surviving all the dirt, salt and moisture tracked in on visitors’ shoes.  Frustrated with the constant cycle of costly repairs, Ms. Mary Nemitz, Decorating Manager and Assistant Operations Manager for the center, replaced the interior flooring with high-grade commercial carpeting and went on a mission to find a better alternative for the entranceway.

Ms. Nemitz consulted with Mats Inc. representative Mark Saudauskas, who introduced the Mats Inc. CleanZone™ for cleaner, longer lasting interiors.  Mark explained how the CleanZone™ approach combines scraping and drying mats to maximize dirt and moisture removal over a 20 to 30 foot, 2-3 Zone walk-off system.

Starting outside the entrance, the matting product for Zone 1 would require aggressive scraping fibers, resistance to exterior elements and easy 1 person maintenance.  A recessed aluminum foot grille is a superior long-term Zone 1 solution for heavy foot traffic, but the solid concrete slab outside the I-X Center entrance did not have an existing well area and jack hammering concrete was not an option.  Mark proposed the Legend fiber foot grille as the best surface alternative for Zone 1 and Ms. Nemitz was impressed with its course scraping fibers and drop through construction that would allow for easy outdoor maintenance.

Ms. Nemitz chose the industry’s most durable and effective entrance matting for the Zone 2 vestibule.  With three unique fibers that combine to forcefully remove dirt and whisk away moisture, the Green Label Plus certified Supreme Nop matting from Mats Inc. was an easy choice.  She decided to further enhance the appearance of the space with a Precision Inlay™ Logo that was designed using Supreme Nop red for the I-X center logo and charcoal for the field color.
Precision Inlay Logo

The result of implementing a Mats Inc. CleanZone™ is cleaner interior flooring that is easier to maintain, safer for visitors and staff, and less likely to be damaged by tracked-in dirt and moisture.

“There is very little maintenance needed on the Logo Mats and Legend Foot Grilles.  We simply use a vacuum on the Logo Mats and a broom or blower on the Legend outside.  They are both easy to maintain, allowing us to keep the inside of the Convention Center clean and reducing damage from soil and water,” stated Ms. Mary Nemitz.

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