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Ultra Entry™ Performs at Northeastern UniversityPosted: Jan 2009 Posted by: Mats Inc.

Mark Boulter, the Facilities Manager for Northeastern University in Boston, Mass.,was in need of a flooring entry system that could effectively eliminate dirt and debris brought into the building, but also have an aesthetically pleasing display. After he looked at products offered by Rubbermaid and other companies, Boulter received a recommendation from a vendor to look into Mats Inc.

Boulter was dealing with heavy foot traffic from students and faculty every day, resulting in dirty floors that required time-consuming and expensive maintenance. Also, with dirt being brought into the buildings, the floors were being worn down and would have to be replaced if a solution was not found. Boulter decided on Mats Inc.’s Ultra Entry Foot Grilles as the best solution.

Ultra Entry Foot Grilles are made of 100 per cent PVC with nylon inserts in a drop-thru grid. The mat offers a dual performance featuring the scraping action of Soft Grid, a PVC material with a drop-thru grid, plus the drying action of ultra-absorbent nylon inserts. The Foot Grilles have ADA-compliant heel-proof construction to provide smooth transitions from mat to floor for all types of traffic. The material is extremely durable and can withstand heavy traffic. Also, custom inserts such as Boston-Kenmore, a nylon material in Mats Inc. catalog, can be added into the Foot Grille to match the building’s interior mat.

Foot Grilles are directly reducing the University’s maintenance costs.

Boulter is extremely pleased that an abundant amount of soil is being trapped by the Foot Grilles. This has reduced the amount of stripping and waxing that the floors have needed, as well as shampooing and replacing the worn material. These two abilities of the Foot Grilles are directly reducing the University’s maintenance costs.

Northeastern University needed a flooring entry system that could eliminate dirt and debris while having an aesthetically pleasing display.




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