3 Ways to Win with Matting Tile

3 Ways to Win with Matting TilePosted: Jul 2014 Posted by: Mats Inc.


Modular matting tile offers many advantages. It’s long lasting, easy to install and easy to clean. Plus it has infinite design possibilities. For retail spaces, corporate offices, hospitality, education and other high-traffic environments, matting tile is a winning entryway solution for you and your customers.

Here are three ways to win them over with modular matting tiles:

1. Wow them with style and color. Complement the style expectations of even the most discerning customers. From traditional to contemporary, modular matting tiles comes in a variety of design styles and colors. Here are just a few of the most popular Mats Inc. modular matting tiles.


Journey Tile™

The bold regency stripe of Journey Tile™ offers high contrast for high style interior designs.





 Trilogy Tile™

With a more modest design, Trilogy Tile™ adds a simple modern flair to an entrance or lobby.





Supreme Nop Tile

A traditional carpet matting tile, Supreme Nop Tile can be installed to blend with surroundings or enhance the environment using 2 or 3 complementary colors.





Diagonal Tile

The rib design of Diagonal Tile provides subtle pattern in common neutral colors.




2. Talk shop about installation. Use full tiles to show customers the different patterns that can be achieved with the matting tiles they like. Many tiles have infinite installation pattern options that are easy to create. And because modular tile is so easy to install over almost any smooth surface, customers can avoid the downtime usually associated with remodeling.
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3. Waste not, want not. Nothing lasts forever. However, modular matting tiles offer long-lasting performance and the ability for an entryway to last even longer with the added benefit of removing and repositioning or replacing worn or faded tile, rather than replacing the entire floor. When it comes time for new entrance matting down the road, some thrifty customers may even reuse some of the old modular tiles in a different location of the building.


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