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5 Solutions for Trouble-Free LVT InstallationPosted: Nov 2016 Posted by: Mats Inc.


Let’s face it, your success is our success and your issues are our issues. By working together to solve common problems, we can achieve consistently successful results.

Moisture Issues

As a leading cause of installation failures, dealing with high moisture levels is a universal challenge. Proper testing in accordance with ASTM F2170 is crucial. Make sure you get the documented results. Check your adhesive requirements and make sure they can support the resulting moisture levels.

If moisture levels require attention, a balanced approach to the right solution is the answer. Underfloor MC and Underfloor SL support RH levels to 92%.

Noise Reduction

Reducing noise levels is a primary concern in hotels, restaurants and multi-family housing units and an important, sometimes overlooked consideration for education and corporate environments.

Our underlayments for acoustic performance can help resilient flooring products achieve carpet-like performance ratings and minimize the need for subfloor preparation. Underfloor QC and Floor FX offer different levels of sound absorption.


Acclimatization Time

Time is our most valuable asset and there never seems to be enough. Eliminating flooring acclimation due to aggressive project schedules can lead to disaster. With 3 day delivery of Floorworks® Flash LVT to most of the contiguous US states, ordering and receiving material within a week allows for proper installation procedures and keeping schedules on track.


5 easy and cost-effective underlayments and flooring solutions for some of the most common installation problems.



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