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3 MacGyver Tips for MattingPosted: Apr 2015 Posted by: Mats Inc.

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Imagine if you will that you are the MacGyver of Matting. You’re faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound… Oops, different guy.

How about this? You’re the master at floor protection, more powerful with the best matting products and able to keep tall buildings clean, safe and sound.

Commercial entrance matting is often excluded from the design process. So when it’s time to turn over the building, the facilities manager will… Surf the internet? Contact their local flooring dealer? Call Mats Inc?

If the interior designer doesn’t incorporate the entrance system or matting in the macgyverdesign…it will become someone else’s responsibility. Hint: This is where you step in to be the superhero!

While it is critically important that the entrance matting live up to its performance responsibilities, it is also essential that it fits in with its surroundings.

Retrofitting matting solutions that are both attractive and protective can set you apart from the rest.

MacGyver Tip #1

Pattern, style and color are obvious determining factors for matting to aesthetically conform to the design. And of course, quality and size matter. What about shape?

When a rectangular box shaped mat suits the entrance, that’s easy. When it’s time to think outside of the box, that’s where you can count on Mats Inc. (Don’t get us wrong, we do boxes too.)

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For an entrance to look its best, rectangular may not be the right fit. Consider revolving doors, interiors with unique contours or lobbies with immediate access to stairways.



MacGyver Tip #2

Specialty shapes do not limit you from enhancing mats with borders and design accents or suggesting logo matting options. With miDesign Studio from Mats Inc., walking your customer through the simple 3-step design process has never been easier.


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MacGyver Tip #3

clean-zoneLest we forget the system.

The CleanZone™ System.

Thirty feet of matting is required to create the most effective entrance system, and the cleanest interiors start outside the entrance.

Scrape, scrape some more and then dry. Mats Inc. will help you maximize your profits and cleaning effectiveness for your customers with the right products, the right shapes and complete walking pattern coverage.

Now go forth and be someone’s matting superhero today.

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