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miProject Library Quick TipsPosted: Feb 2012 Posted by: Mats Inc.

mi Project Library

miProject Library is a powerful tool that allows you unlimited access to Mats Inc. images & documents.  Once you have taken some time to review these documents and work with the application, it becomes very easy to find & share these assets efficiently.

We have put together PDFs with some tips and instructions for working with this powerful application using examples that are unique to Mats Inc.’s needs.

If you have any questions or feedback on miProject Library or future tips we should publish, please do not hesitate to contact Amy Avitabile at aavitabile@matsinc.com.

Save That File to Your Computer!
When downloading 1 or multiple files, miProject Library automatically compresses them into a ZIP file. This reduces the possibility of corruption, and nicely packages multiple files into 1 clean ZIP. It also allows for faster download, since ZIP are compressed (or shrunk) in file size. Learn more about downloading files now!

PDF Icon EMAILING FILES “Send Collection Link”
Stop Filling Up People’s Inboxes!
The cool thing about miProject Library is that the files don’t actually go into people’s e-mail inboxes. They receive an email with a link that sends them to a web page with only the files you want them to see.  They can download 1 at a time or download them all.  No more “shrinking for email”.  No more multiple emails with multiple attachments.

Quickly Find What You Need!
Files are easy to find in miProject Library, if you know the right path to take. Here is a quick guide to help you quickly zero in on what you need.

PDF Icon PDF FILES / Quick Save & Print Trick
I Just Need to Print That PDF!
miProject Library can compress & convert image files for you on the fly. That’s why you need to take the extra step of telling MIPL what size image you want. BUT, since PDFs are already compressed, there’s a quicker way to print & save PDFs in MIPL.

Need Popular File Types FASTER?
Have you noticed the Filters listed on the left side of your screen? These are Quick Filters to narrow in on some of the more popular asset types. Literature, Documentation & Images.



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