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miProject Library & the iPad: You Need an APP for That!Posted: May 2013 Posted by: Mats Inc.


When downloading images or documents from miProject Library, your iPad needs to have an app installed that can open (at minimum) the following file types:

  • JPEGS  (images)
  • Microsoft Word Documents  (CSI Specs)
  • PDF Files (All other documentation)
  • ZIP files (packaged files)


We installed and tested 4 apps that successfully downloaded & opened each kind of file.  All tests were successful when we visited miprojectlibrary.com via Safari (your iPad’s default browser).

Evaluated Apps

File Manager Pro (Zuhanden GmbH)  $4.99
OrganiDoc HD (Wenjoy Technology Inc.)  $4.99
File Pro (Perception System) $1.99
FileApp (DigiDNA SARL) Free

Recommended App

File Manager Pro (Zuhanden GmbH)  $4.99

Why File Manager Pro?

  • Handles many file types including video and audio
  • Easily sync files with your DropBox account or iBooks
  • Simplest navigation among the 4 apps reviewed
  • Great organization features using folders and ability to add files to your “Favorites”
  • Multiple other sharing/syncing options

Read more about the features and DOWNLOAD the app here:


Or, search for “File Manager Pro” in the app store.



Step 1
You’re an Apple User.  Are you downloading images OR documents?


Step 2
Open ZIP file in File Manager Pro.


Step 3
There it is!  Just tap on the file to unzip.



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