The Ultimate Entrance is a CleanZone™ Entrance

Mats Inc. understands that no two entrances are alike.  That’s why we’ve developed our exclusive CleanZone™ entryway system – a 3-part product series customized to meet the specific demands of your building and budget.


An aggressive product in Zone 1 is your interior’s first defense against snow, dirt, and mud.  Choose matting with non-absorbent scraping fibers, rubber molded or vinyl looped mats, or mats with an open weave backing, which will allow moisture to drain naturally.


Zone 2 products are designed to do most of the “heavy lifting” by removing and containing soil and moisture at the entrance.  A drop-through design is ideal in Zone 2, as it will allow debris and moisture to be trapped below the surface.  If your budget will not support a drop-through product, choose a fiber product made with polypropylene fibers that form a high/low design.  This unique design provides excellent scraping action and pockets to accumulate debris.

Zone 3ZONE 3: LOBBY 

The job of the “finishing mat” in Zone 3 is to remove any remaining moisture and fine dust from underfoot upon entrance to the interior.  Mats Inc. offers a variety of effective Zone 3 products, including nylon-based products which wick moisture off the bottom of the shoes and provide a luxurious appearance.

Sample CleanZone™ Systems



Legend Legacy New York Collection


Safe Track Ultra Entry™ with
New York Inserts
New York Collection


Safe Track Dual Track with
New York Inserts
New York Collection


According to the International Sanitary Supply Association, 75% of all dirt, dust, and moisture will be contained at the entry if at least 16 linear feet of specialty flooring is provided at the front entrance. 

Protect your interiors and improve indoor air quality with CleanZone™.