Specialty Tile

Pro Shield | GrayPro Shield | Gray
Pro Shield | Gray

Specialty Tile

Pro Shield and Eco Tile are unique modular tiles suitable for various application areas offering solutions that transform areas and space for multi-purpose use.

Find specialty tiles that address anti-fatigue and safety with DuckTile™ and Kushion Safe Modular, trusted choices for areas where water might be present. 

Carpet and carpet-like modular solutions delivering flexibility, and is as effective 
as a mat or roll good.

Pro Shield Tile

Durable tiles that protect floors.

  • Easy-to-handle tiles are quick to setup and breakdown, allowing spaces to serve multiple purposes
  • Durable, protects floors from chairs and desks, tables, high heels, and other destructive factors
  • Custom uses include cafeterias, gymnasiums, auditoriums, conference centers, and more

Also available as roll goods in anthracite color,  great for custom sizing

  • Custom-length rolls are easy to deploy as a temporary or continual floor protection solutions
  • Durable rolls offer the same floor protection characteristics as Pro Shield Tile

Eco Tile, DuckTile™, Kushion Safe Modular Tile

  1. Eco Tile Smooth
    Eco Tile Smooth
  2. Eco Tile Raised Disc
    Eco Tile Raised Disc
  3. DuckTile™
  4. Kushion Safe Modular
    Kushion Safe Modular